Trauma Triage App

Getting the right patient to the right hospital

Quick. Efficient.

Prehospital trauma triage is essential to get the right patient to the right hospital. Severely injured patients must be transported to a high-level trauma center, to improve chances of survival and avert life-long disabilities.

The Trauma Triage App provides EMS professionals advice on the level trauma center the trauma patient needs.

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Innovative algorithm

The Trauma Triage App calculates the chance that a patient is severely injured, using an innovative algorithm. With the use of this algorithm, over 90% of the severely injured patients are identified as such.


Quick, efficient, adaptive

The user only requires to answer a few questions before an advice is calculated. This advice includes the chance whether a patient is severely injured and the level of trauma care he or she requires. The algorithm within the TTApp can also be customized specifically to the trauma population in your region.

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