Worldwide, every single minute ten people die as a result of trauma and many more are left with injury related disabilities. To reduce mortality and morbidity, patients with severe injuries should be transported to high-level trauma centers. Treatment of severely injured patients at lower level trauma centers also causes delay in diagnosis and outcome, missed injuries, and decreased functional outcome. However, patients without severe injuries should be transported to lower level trauma centers to prevent unnecessary burden on high-level trauma center resources and high trauma care costs.


Presently, the quality of prehospital trauma triage protocols used worldwide is inadequate. The National Trauma Registry showed that 33% of the severely injured patients were not transported to a high-level trauma center in the Netherlands in 2015. With the Trauma Triage App, most severely injured patients are recognized, helping the EMS Provider in the destination decision. We believe the Trauma Triage App is the key to a tremendous improvement in the quality of prehospital trauma triage.

Mission and approach

A trauma system functions optimally when severely injured patients are transported to high-level trauma centers, while patients without severe injuries are transported to lower level trauma centers. The Trauma Triage App aids the EMS provider in the destination decision, to get the right patient to the right hospital.

A pilot of the Trauma Triage App started in September 2017. More information will follow.

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